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Device for magnetic vacuum massage APOLLO-1M

Device for magnetic vacuum massage APOLLO-1M



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13680 грн.

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Disorders of sexual function in men caused by vascular diseases and neurogenic disorders:

  • disorders of sexual desire (decrease in libido);
  • erectile dysfunction (including erectile dysfunction);
  • Ejaculation disorders (premature eruption family, prolonged sexual acts, no ejaculation);
  • orgasm disorders;
  • chronic diseases of the sexual sphere (including chronic abactile prostatitis).

Operating principle

The device is based on the principle of increasing blood flow to the tissues around which local negative pressure is created. The effect of the procedures is achieved by creating a rarefaction of air around the penis placed in the flask.

The product is also made without a solenoid device, creates infrared radiation and a magnetic field

The effectiveness of the device also lies in the fact that it is safe to use and eliminates the need to take medications to solve male problems.

Technical Characteristics

Power consumption – 40 ± 20% W

Vacuum level in a closed flask – minus 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40kPa

The magnitude of the magnetic induction is 24-35 mT

Pulse duration – 3-5 ms

Pulse frequency of the solenoid is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Hz

The intensity of pulsed infrared radiation is 30 mW

The duration of the procedure is 25 ± 4 min

Service life – at least 3 years

The device provides continuous operation for 8 hours in a repeated-short-term mode: work for a maximum of 30 minutes. followed by a break of at least 10 minutes.

The device is is functional at AC power supply with frequency (50±0.5)Hz and voltage 230V at voltage supply deviation of ±23В from the nominal value..

The device complies with the requirements of the state standards and has a certificate of compliance with the technical regulations on electromagnetic compatibility and low-voltage electrical equipment.

Device for magnetic vacuum massage APOLLO-1M

Виробник: Novator TM
13680 грн.
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