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Treatment of man's sexual function disorder

Treatment of man's sexual function disorder

  • Treatment of man's sexual function disorder
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  • Treatment of man's sexual function disorder
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  • Treatment of man's sexual function disorder
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Disorders in male’s sexual function are manifested by the following symptoms:

• disorders of erection;
• lack or change of sexual desire;
• orgasm disorder;
• lack of ejaculation;
• premature ejaculation;
• neurotic suppression of sexuality;
• Special attention should be paid to disorders that occur against the background of prostatitis.

When examining patients with similar complaints, the sexologist first excludes the physiological factors of such conditions and, if necessary, the patient is sent to the urologist. If, from a physiological point of view, no reasons for sexual disorders have been identified, then the problems are psychosomatic by their nature.

Why is it necessary to treat sexual disorders.

Disorders of the male’s sexual activity have an extremely negative effect not only on the physiology, but also on the psycho-emotional state of the man. Sexual function disorders in one form or another leads to a deterioration in relationships in the couple and often their complete breakdown. A man or a young man who does not have a constant sexual relationship or does not have sexual experience at all, who has encountered sexual problems, closes in on himself, eschews the representatives of the opposite sex, thereby reinforcing the course of the disorder.

Gradually, his social circle narrows. All this is painfully experienced by the patient, can cause an emotional disorder that will only exacerbate the situation. In many patients, during a conversation, doctors identify signs of depression with a predominance of belief in sexual inferiority.

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