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Device for local darsonvalisation CROWN (C, C + U)

Device for local darsonvalisation CROWN (C, C + U)



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17120 грн.

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KORONA is used in cosmetology, sports medicine, at medical and prophylactic institutions as well as in the practice of the family doctor, home physiotherapy. The simplicity and convenience of KORONA in service makes it indispensable for use under home conditions (on the recommendation of the doctor).

A corona discharge which occurs between the body surface and electrode develops not only in the air interval but also in the depths of biologic tissues. The electromagnetic radiations of various bands which occur in the depths of tissues stimulate metabolism, tissue respiration, normalize activity of the vegetative nervous system, activity of the endocrinous glands, promote partial resorption of salt conglomerates in the joints, regeneration of the affected tissue.

Particularly effective use of the device in cosmetic practice.

The device allows to carry out procedures simultaneously to two patients on individual modes.

The procedure time is controlled by the built-in timers and the end of the procedure is informed by an audio signal.

The intensity of exposure can be adjusted during the visual inspection procedure.

The device is made in two versions – two channels darsonval, one channel darsonval and one channel ultraton.

Crown discharge (Darsonval) stimulates metabolism, tissue respiration, normalizes the activity of endocrine glands, contributes to the partial resorption of saline conglomerates in the joints, regenerates damaged tissue.

Ultra-tonotherapy has an antiseptic, analgesic effect. Reduces swelling, accelerates the absorption of infiltrates, and ozone, which is formed during the procedure, has a local bacteriostatic effect – delaying the development of microorganisms on the skin surface.


– Darsonvalisation mode:

pulse passing frequency (100 ± 10) Hz;

pulse filling frequency (110 ± 15) kHz;

the amplitude value of the output voltage is discretely adjusted from the minimum value (not more than 8 kV) to the maximum (from 16 to 25 kV).

– ULTRATON mode:

– frequency of sinusoidal output voltage22 kHz

the effective value of the maximum output voltage from 1 to 3.5 kV.

– the device operates from AC power with frequency (50 ± 0.5) Hz and voltage (230 ± 23) V;

– current consumption does not exceed 1 A;

– the device provides continuous work for no more than 8 hours with a further break of not less than 30 min in repeated and short-term mode: operating time no more than 20 min, pause time not less than 10 min;

– service life of at least three years;

The delivery set includes a wide spectrum of electrodes:

cavitary electrode– 1 pc.

small mushroomlike electrode– 1 pc.

large mushroomlike electrode – 2 pcs.

comb electrode– 2 pcs.

ear electrode– 1 pc.

gingival electrode– 1 pc.

vaginal electrode – 1 pc.

rectal electrode– 1 pc.

nasal electrode – 1 pc.

wart electrode (for darsonvalization only) – 1 pc.

The device complies with the requirements of the state standards for medical devices and has a certificate of compliance with the technical regulation for medical devices.

Device for local darsonvalisation CROWN (C, C + U)

Виробник: Novator TM
17120 грн.
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