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Magnetotherapy is a therapeutic effect on the human body for the treatment or prevention of a number of diseases. These procedures are carried out using the influence of a magnetic field on pathological areas; and are distinguished by safety and high efficiency of exposure to both the skin and internal organs. The ancient Chinese scientists, Greek philosophers and doctors wrote about the positive effects of magnetic fields on the human body.

Features of magnetotherapy:

Magnetology techniques are based on researches of the body’s reactions to the magnetic field. Magnetic fields with high intensity (induction) cause stress, medium – activation of internal processes, low – the reaction of training. When using high-frequency exposure, it is necessary to carry out the procedure by a qualified specialist; low-frequency exposure can be performed by patients independently, with the help of special applicators. Low-frequency magnetotherapy is used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, well tolerated by both young and old people. For such therapy special devices and applicators are used, the place and time of exposure of which should be recommended by the doctor.

Magnetotherapy is successfully used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, problems associated with low hemoglobin and many others.

The magnetic effect can be exerted on the whole organism, on a certain area of the body in which the pathology occurred, or on the reflex zones associated with the diseased organ.

How magnetotherapy affects a person.

Due to the biological resonant effect, the flow of oxygen to the tissues is stimulated; the elimination of lactic acid and toxins is accelerated. Due to the increase in the supply of oxygen to damaged tissues, they begin to recover, pain syndrome is removed.

The influence of the magnetic field gives high results in the process of renewal damaged tissues – due to the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates that are formed in the magnetic field. Thus, there is a rapid healing of wounds – with external and internal injuries (fractures, hematomas, ulcers). Low-frequency magnetotherapy increases immunity, saturates the blood with lymphocytes.

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