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State Enterprise Novator is a modern enterprise with production of a high technical level and modern technologies.

SE Novator— Khmelnitsky radio engineering plant — was founded in 1966 in the structure of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry as one of the enterprises to manufacture airborne radio electronic, radar, radio navigation and other equipment for aviation and aerospace branches.

Our specialists possess a high skill which allows them to guarantee irreproachability both when designing new products and when making sophisticated radio electronic equipment, using the most modern software as well as when making precise mechanical, microelectronic, microwave devices, radar materiel.

During the whole period of the plant activities its base was used as an experimental base for development of the newest types of radio electronic and radar materiel. Some products were made in unique copies or small batches. This caused the necessity and, alongside with this, gave to the plant the possibility to invite or train highly skilled specialists capable to start production of new types of the most modern products within a short period of time.