logo - Device for local darsonvalization КОRОNА (02) (CROWN)
Device for local darsonvalization КОRОNА (02) (CROWN)

Device for local darsonvalization КОRОNА (02) (CROWN)

920 грн.

CROWN is small-size d'Arsonval apparatus substitutes as well as supplements and repeatedly intensifies efficiency of the action of creams and ointments, possesses unique properties for prophylaxis and treatment of not only dermatologic but neurologic, vascular, respiratory and other diseases as well.
Manufacturer: Novator TM
Brand: Novaror TM

CROWN is used in cosmetology, sports medicine, at medical and prophylactic institutions as well as in the practice of the family doctor, home physiotherapy. The simplicity and convenience of CROWN in service makes it indispensable for use under home conditions (on the recommendation of the doctor).

A korona discharge which occurs between the body surface and electrode develops not only in the air interval but also in the depths of biologic tissues. The electromagnetic radiations of various bands which occur in the depths of tissues stimulate metabolism, tissue respiration, normalize activity of the vegetative nervous system, activity of the endocrinous glands, promote partial resorption of salt conglomerates in the joints, regeneration of the affected tissue.

The device complies with the requirements of state standards for medical devices and has a certificate of compliance with the technical regulation on medical devices and the 93/42 / EEC directive (MDD).

The device is recommended for the treatment of such diseases:

– Diseases of the respiratory system (tracheitis; bronchitis; bronchial asthma).

– Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis; dyskinesia of the stomach and intestines; inflammation of the rectal wall).

– Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiosclerosis; myocardiodystrophy; coronary heart disease; cerebral atherosclerosis; hypertension).

– Neurological diseases (osteochondrosis of the spine; neuritis; vascular diseases of the CNS (headaches, including migraine, Raynaud’s disease, acroparesthesia, neurasthenia).

– Purulent and inflammatory processes (furuncules; burns; frostbite; strokes; hematomas; postoperative infiltrates and wounds; trophic ulcers).

– Diseases of the joints (polyarthritis; arthritis; spondylitis).

– Diseases of the muscles, tendons of the articular bags (muscle pain; myositis).

– Diseases of the arteries and veins (obliteratingendarteritis; Raynaud’s disease; varicose veins; thrombophlebitis; trophic ulcers).

– ENT disease (pharyngitis; tonsillitis; angina; laryngitis; otitis; auditory nerve neuritis; tinnitus; rhinitis; frontitis; sinusitis; catarrh; runny nose).

– Dental diseases (stomatitis; periodontal disease; gingivitis).


– pulse passing frequency – (100 ± 10) Hz;

– pulse filling frequency – (110 ± 15) kHz;

– the amplitude value of the output voltage is smoothly regulated from the minimum value (no more than 8 kV) to the maximum (from 16 to 25 kV);

– The apparatus operates from AC power (50 ± 0.5) Hz and voltage (230 ± 23) V. Delivery of the device with power supply from the alternating current 110V with a frequency of 50 / 60Hz is possible.

– current consumption not exceeding 0.5 A;

– connection of the device to the network is accompanied by a light indication;

– the device provides continuous work for no more than 8 hours with a further break of not less than 30 min in repeated-short-term mode: operating time not more than 20 min, pause time not less than 10 min;

– service life of at least three years;

– is equipped with hollow, mushroom small and comb electrodes

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