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2280 грн.

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The nitrate tester possesses sufficient accuracy, being compact, totally self-contained and wonderfully simple in use. The express nitrate tester allows to quickly perform a nitrate test and to distinguish dangerous food-stuffs from useful ones. The nitrate tester use will allow you to reliably protect you and your relatives against severe consequences of nitrate poisoning.

The analysis is performed on the basis of a conductivity measurement with an alternating high-frequency current in the measured food-stuff.

The nitrate tester allows to make measurements in more than 30 types of vegetables and fruit, including: apricot, peach, garden strawberries, melon, soil and hothouse cucumber, banana, paprika, hothouse and soil tomato, vegetable marrow, persimmon, apple, onions and spring onions, fresh meat, carrots, potatoes, aubergine, early and late cabbage, black radish, lettuce, beet, garden radish, greens.

The lower portion houses a removable cap protecting against accidental contacts with the sharp measuring probe. The contact with the food-stuff under analysis is performed with the help of the measuring probe located under the cap. The battery compartment is located on the reverse side. After the measurement, the apparatus gives, by the method of indication, recommendations on suitableness for eating: green (the nitrate content is insignificant), yellow (it is recommended to abstain from eating) or red (it is forbidden to eat such vegetables or fruit).

The apparatus operation technology is based on the method of ionometry consisting in the instant measurement of the number of nitrate ions with the help of a capacitive cell in the electric circuit of high-frequency alternating current.

The apparatus is energized from 3 type AA batteries.


Виробник: Novator TM
2280 грн.
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