The device of bactericidal action of UFIT-CM

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The device is intended for:

– irradiation of the air stream and the environment by ultraviolet range C with a wavelength of 253 nm;

– general and local irradiation of human skin or mucous membranes.

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It is used in premises in medical establishments, hospitals, in the food industry, etc. and at home.

To protect the eyes, safety goggles are included which guarantee 100% UV protection during the procedure.

The device is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of current safety standards and has a certificate of conformity assessment with the Technical Regulations.

The device is manufactured in three versions:

– With 5W lamp

– With 7W lamp

– With 9W lamp


– acute respiratory diseases;

– acute rhinitis;

– sore throat;

– acute otitis media;

– axillary hydradenitis (in combination with SMV, UHF, infrared, laser and magnetotherapy);

– clean wounds;

– purulent wounds;

– furuncles, hydrodenites, phlegmon.


– wavelength of 253 nm;

– the value of irradiation, at a distance of 1 mV of the device ≤0.7W / m²

– the value of the radiation at the output of the device:

for 5W lamp – 35 W / m²

for 7 W lamp – 50 W / m²

for 9 W lamp – 75 W / m²

– the device provides operation in the mode: 8 hours of work, 30 minutes. breaks;

– the device is operable when powered by AC (50 ± 0.5) Hz with a voltage of 220V at a deviation of the supply voltage by ± 22V from the nominal value;

– the service life of the appliance is at least three years.

The device complies with the requirements of the state standards and has a certificate of compliance with the technical regulations for electromagnetic compatibility and low-voltage electrical equipment.

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