Gauze mask (package – 50 pcs.)

Gauze mask (package - 50 pcs.)

500 грн.

Household gauze mask for protection against viruses and infections. Complies with the requirements of ТУ 21.2-22987900-070: 2020. Gauze meets the requirements of EN 14079: 2003 (4 layers). Hypoallergenic. The size of the mask is 19x13 cm. 50 masks in the package, plastic bag 30x40 cm. Wash with 3% detergent solution or disinfect in a dry oven at 120 ° C for 60 minutes, not more than 20 times. Shelf life is 5 years.
Manufacturer: Novator TM
Brand: Novaror TM

Masks help to reduce the risk of infection by creating an additional barrier to viruses and infections.

The advantage of masks is that they can be worn for 4 hours, thoroughly washed with detergents and reused several times.

More benefits from masks if they are worn by people who are already ill. The mask does not allow the virus to spread into space when breathing, coughing or sneezing.

For more reliable prevention of influenza (Covid-19) and SARS it is important to combine the use of masks with other means of protection:

• keep a safe distance when dealing with a person who has symptoms of the disease;

•avoid crowded places during the season of colds;

•wash your hands more often with water and soap, use hand sanitizers;

• quartz the room with a UFIT-SM or UFIT-SD device;

• ventilate the premises systematically

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