The device of bactericidal action UFIT-A (B)

The device of bactericidal action UFIT-A (B)

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UFIT is a practical and economical device for the treatment of various skin diseases. It is used in medical establishments and in home physiotherapy on the prescription of the doctor It is handy to use thanks to its small weight and comfortable shape. The device is designed for mobile use. The convenience of the apparatus is that it can be used anytime, anywhere, including homes and offices.
Manufacturer: Novator TM
Brand: Novaror TM

UFIT is successfully used in diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and nest alopecia.

The device allows to remove the external manifestations of diseases and to keep the skin in proper condition. With the help of the device it is possible to achieve longer periods of remission and minor manifestations of the disease without serious complications.

Treatment of the skin on the head (usually a complicated procedure) is easily done with the help of a removable nozzle-comb, which, unlike foreign analogues, “conducts” the energy of ultraviolet light, providing focused radiation of the skin at the contact points.

The basis of the action of the UFIT device is the direct irradiation with UV. To protect the eyes, safety goggles are included which guarantee 100% UV protection during the procedure.

The device is designed using modern technology and in accordance with current safety standards.

The device is produced in two versions:

– UFIT-A (UV spectrum 315-400 nm)

– UFIT-B (UV spectrum 311 nm)


– the device operates on AC power (50 ± 0,5) Hz and voltage (220 ± 22) V.

– current consumption not exceeding 0.3 A;

– radiation power

at a distance of 2 cm from the device 20 W / m²

at a distance of 0,5m from the device 0.2 W / m²

– connection of the device to the network is accompanied by a light indication;

– the device provides continuous work for no more than 8 hours with a further break of not less than 30 min in repeated-short-term mode: operating time not more than 20 min, pause time not less than 10 min;

– service life of at least three years.

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