Pulse magnetotherapy medical device ALIMP-1

Pulse magnetotherapy medical device ALIMP-1

15 301 грн.

It is designed to produce a therapeutic effect on the human organism with a travelling pulse magnetic field under conditions of medical and prophylactic institutions, home conditions, by the family doctor and patient himself. АLIMP-1 is an apparatus of household series which possesses all advantages of the АLIMP-1 stationary professional apparatus but having a minimal number of parameters adjusted manually, being compact and handy in use.
Category: Magnetotherapy
Manufacturer: Novator TM
Brand: Novaror TM

The ALIMP-1 pulse magnetic field therapy apparatus is designed to produce a therapeutic effect on the human organism with a pulse travelling magnetic field. The use of low-frequency magnetic fields in the therapy of patients with various types of pathology is based on an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiedematic influence, decrease in symptoms of vegetovascular disorders, nonspecific influence on immunologic reactivity of the organism. A low-frequency magnetic field intensifies inhibitory processes in the central nervous system (improves general condition, sleep, decreases irritability), improves blood supply of tissues, accelerates reparative regeneration and healing of wounds.


The duration of the therapy is reduced nearly twice as compared with the drug therapy.


The apparatus can be successfully used for treatment of such diseases as:

joints and spine diseases: hip joint deforming arthrosis, shoulder joint periarthrosis, spinal osteochondrosis;

cardiovascular system diseases: hypertension (primary, renal), extremities vascular diseases (obliterating endarteritis and obliterating atherosclerosis of extremities vessels);

female genital organs diseases: inflammatory diseases (including salpingo-oophiritis in combination with endomyometritis, colpitis, etc.), diseases caused by ovaries hypofunction, inflammatory complications after operative delivery (cesarean section), complication in the course of postnatal period;

neurologic diseases: peripheral nervous system diseases, brain vascular diseases (transient disorders of cerebral circulation combined with chronic ischemic cardiac disease).

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