logo - Medical device of pulse magnetotherapy action АLIMP-1М (ALIMP-mini)
Medical device of pulse magnetotherapy action АLIMP-1М (ALIMP-mini)

Medical device of pulse magnetotherapy action АLIMP-1М (ALIMP-mini)

2 675 грн.

It is designed to produce a therapeutic effect on the human organism with a travelling pulse magnetic field under conditions of medical and prophylactic institutions, home conditions, by the family doctor and patient himself. АLIMP-mini is an apparatus of household series which possesses all advantages of the АLIMP-mini stationary professional apparatus but having a minimal number of parameters adjusted manually, being compact and handy in use.
Category: Magnetotherapy
Manufacturer: Novator TM
Brand: Novaror TM

The apparatus АLIMP-mini, consists of an electronic unit, 4 inductors D = 105 mm interconnected and designed to act with a magnetic field on certain parts of the body.

The repetition frequency of magnetic field pulses in each solenoid is 25 Hz, duration is 1.5 ms, magnetic field induction is 35 mT.

The apparatus is automatically de-energized in 20 min.

The area of efficient action is 440 cm².

Indications for Use:

Locomotor system diseases

Neurologic diseases

Cardiovascular system diseases

Diseases of the venous system of the upper and lower extremities

Diseases of female genital organs.

In case of traumas of the locomotor system, the inductors are positioned directly over the injured organ. Treatment may be performed through thin dry clothes, gauze or plaster bandages.

The apparatus action is endured well with weakened patients of elderly age suffering from concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system. During treatment, a pleasant heat from the inductors is felt on the spot of the action.

The device is made in two versions – a manual electronic unit and a desktop.

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